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Welcome to Epic Japan!

This webpage is for those who are interested in Japan, no matter to what extent! What do you hope to know about a certain country before travelling there? Is it its transportation means, food, sightseeing spots, its culture and habits? Or do you think: “I wonder what that place looks like!”?

The world has become a very convenient place and the web is brimming with all sorts of different information. There is so much information all over the place on the web to the point that to know something we need to gather information from different sites and then it’s up to us to select what we need. We don’t doubt that this kind of operation can have its fun too.

Epic JAPAN gathers many information that you might look for when answering the question: “What is Japan like?” It would be ideal if you could come to grips with different keywords you find in the different articles and enlarge your curiosity about Japan. This webpage can be useful even for those who already know a lot about Japan. Stay assured that there will be new discoveries for you too!


How to Use

You can find out the information that you hope to reseach about Japan, from the following three view points according to the purpose.

  • Maps

    We have created maps of Japan that will allow you to understand how you can move around Japan from place to place.
    You will be able to get an intuitive idea of the distance amongst major cities, the locations of the different sightseeing spots and the ways of transportation.

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  • Articles

    Here, you will be able to learn about different aspects of Japan and Japanese people.
    This is a content where you can learn about various things about Japan.
    We start from what you may already know, to then move to other aspects that will allow you to deepen your knowledge.

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  • Comics

    We have drawn and written some original comics that will allow you to learn more about Japan and whilst having fun!
    We hope that you can get away with at least one piece of new knowledge or even just a word that remains stuck into your mind!

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About “Epic Japan”

The word “Epic” means “enormous” or “heroic”, correct? Originally, it was used to refer to an epic or descriptive poem and it would be used to describe the type of story which involved gods, their actions, heroes of the ancient mythology as well as historical events. By reading such poems and stories, you would also find out about the history and culture of the people who inhabited a certain country or region. So we can say that the word “epic” enshrines history and culture that came about with time passing, years, days and seconds accumulating on top of one another…

It is that idea of “epic” that we tried to incorporate in the title of our webpage. In recent times, “epic” has been used as a synonym for “the best,” “great,” “amazing”… It is not used in any formal way but has rather an informal and relaxed tone. In Japanese, it would be translated as “cho (super)” or “sugoi (fantastic).” Epic has become a slang word, we would say. Nonetheless, even though it is a very casual expression, we feel like the word “Epic” has a smooth sound and it gives the impression of something straightforward. That must really be because, as we said above, the word “epic” includes the idea of time accumulating and accumulating…

We aim at giving a representation of Japan through different angles on this webpage. Therefore, we have included both good and less desirable aspects of Japan. We hope that you will discover a lot about Japan and feel its charm. When you reach that point, by all means, recite “Epic! Japan”.