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Bus Bus


For Japanese people, along with the trains, the bus has always been familiar as a method of public transportation. It’s a vehicle that is widely used all over the world, so it’s not a brand-new thing to foreigners.

Here, we introduce Japanese buses.


  • Route bus

    When visiting a place other than a big city, you’re always required to do a bit of added transportation after riding the Shinkansen or plane to the main terminals. Here, we’d like to discuss these possible methods of transportation for those transfers. One of means of transportation we recommend is …

  • Express bus / Night bus

    Among foreigners, many might be able to give different examples of long-distance travel by land. If the land area is wide or borders with other countries, there are multiple methods of transportation. However, because Japan is an island country, it is impossible to cross the border by land. But Japa…

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