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About Japan

Everyone who landed on “Epic Japan” will find a wealth of information about Japan.

What would you like to find out if you are exploring a foreign country and places with a wealth of different cultures? This is something that naturally depends on your interests. However, what everybody shares is the curiosity towards what is “different”. And when we dare to look into what is “different”, we realize that it can be actually quite tough to understand it. What the atmosphere is like in that country, what the characteristics and thoughts are… And there is more to this: how about all those aspects that are difficult to be expressed with words? Those also form part of what we call “culture”. Whether you have a video, a book or a message to transmit, nowadays technology allows us to put together anything and we are exposed to an incredible amount of information. However, we feel safe to say that a lot of times that information barely resembles what you would experience firsthand, for instance in the country you travel to.

Well, we do hope that you will be able to experience firsthand what you read on this website. Yet still, we want to make sure that you are able to read some information about Japan before you set off. Here follows some basic information about Japan.

About Japan

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