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Kanazawa Kanazawa


In the Edo period, “Kanazawa” was called “Kaga Hyakumangoku (One million Stone of Kaga)” as it offered the highest rice crop stipend (high-stone in Japanese) for the daimyo (Japanese feudal lords). “Kanazawa” flourished as a metropolis together with “Nagoya” and, at the time, was one of the most developed cities following “Edo”, “Osaka” and “Kyoto”. “Kanazawa” was first registered in historical records halfway through the Warring States period. In the middle of the 16th century, “Tokugawa Ieyasu” opened the Edo Shogunate, and “Toyotomi Hideyoshi” carried out the unification process. The “Maeda family”, who served as the minister of both, continued to use the territory as a base. Later, “Kanazawa” developed as an essential castle town and held that status for a long time. Especially the transportation routes directly bonded to other major cities such as “Osaka” and “Kyoto” became crucial, being the most prosperous cities on the Sea of Japan. After the Edo Shogunate was opened, no other war was declared. Although it was a large city, during the Second World War, “Kanazawa” was not struck by air raids, allowing the city to preserve its atmosphere of the time. “Kanazawa” is an exceptional place even within Japan: it can be proud of its many traditional crafts born there, that nowadays contribute to a vast industry.

After entering the modern era, several branch offices that form the bases of large domestic companies started operating. Moreover, as previously mentioned, “Kanazawa” is undoubtedly a popular place for sightseeing, thanks to its exquisite historical landscape. In recent years, with the introduction of the “Hokuriku Shinkansen”, access from the Tokyo metropolitan area has also become more straightforward. “Kanazawa” is a charming tourist spot also in terms of food, with its traditional local cuisine of “Jibu-ni (a typical stew)” and famous seafood including crabs and nodoguro (shore dotterel).

Below, we will be introducing the main touristic areas in “Kanazawa”. We will also make sure to recommend areas that are good sightseeing spots also other than “Kanazawa” in the “Travel guidebook” section. Please check it out!

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