There are many people who think of souvenirs as one of the big pleasures of travelling. Souvenirs for yourself, for family and relatives, friends and lovers, colleagues etc. Some people like pondering on what souvenir they should get for whom, others prefer to be advised on what to buy. There are also those who think that, to begin with, souvenirs are not just objects but rather thoughts for someone.

Well, there are certainly people with different ideas in mind but on this webpage, we would like to introduce you to something that will tug you on the heartstrings! We will introduce a specific type of souvenir that is quite Japanese. We are not going mention other limited goods as that would evade the point of introducing something that is Japanese-ish and you will be easily able to find when in Japan. Let us introduce it.

Please bear in mind that all of the following can be seen in loco, held and touched, as to allow you to feel how good it is. It’s not like having a quick chat via networking sites. You will be able to enjoy its feeling firsthand. You will certainly experience a new degree of fun!


Furoshiki is a square cloth. It is used for wrapping things in different ways, there are so many variations and possibilities of how you can use furoshiki cloth

Folding Fan

Folding Fan

“Folding Fan” is not rare in the world, are they? The “Hand fan” has been used for a long time in many parts of the world, you know



We’ve talked about the appeal of the Japanese “Kimono” in another section… It still be very very expensive. But it’s true that a “kimono”

O-Mamori (Japanese Charm)


“O-Mamori” are a small, flat, little baggy shape. They are often sold at shrines, haven’t you ever seen them? There are many kinds of

Forging Blades


You know “Japanese Sword”? Japanese blades are very good, the blades have very high quality. They are so-called “Forging blades”. They made of



When you are in Japan, we’d like you to master the use of chopsticks. You know that chopsticks themselves are not unique to Japan. They have been used

Instant Foods


These days, you can almost certainly find “instant foods” on display in supermarkets, convenience stores, and other places where food is sold

Japanese Pottery


“Japanese Pottery” is popular not only in Japan, but also in other countries. There is a wide variety for each region, each of them is commonly



“Wa-shi” is a kind of traditional Japanese paper. In recent years, paper made mainly from wood pulp has come into general circulation, and

Japanese Lacquerware


Lacquerware is one of Japan’s traditional artifacts that cannot be ignored. It is a craft that is created by applying a layer of “Urushi”

Wind Bell


Summer in Japan is very hot and humid. In the last 10 years, the tendency has been getting more and more strong every year. These days

Weaving / Dyeing


“Clothing”, “food”, and “housing” are the most important components of culture in our daily lives, aren’t they? In this article, we will

Japanese Lucky Items


Something to bring luck, or it brings good fortune. And it is something that has the effect of warding off evil spirits, isn’t it? In this

Japanese Tea


“Japanese Tea” is a Japanese product that we highly recommend. What is “Japanese tea”? There are many ways of defining them. But we won’t

Japanese Seasoning


The key to “Food Culture” is, of course, the ingredients, but also the seasoning. It shows the various characteristics or uniques of

Local Own Sweets


Japanese sweets are quite popular with people from overseas, right? In Japan, there are many kinds of sweets, not only Japanese, but