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Hotels for tourists Hotels for tourists

Hotels for tourists

Let’s introduce a type of lodging that you can find in touristic places where there are also onsen etc. There are both Japanese style and Western style rooms. However, the constructions are often new. Said that, here and there are indeed some long-standing lodgings. In many places, you can choose whether you want to stay in a Japanese or in a Western-style room.

One of the interesting aspects of hotels in Japan is the “gift corner” near the lobby. There, you can usually find typical food of the region and popular gadgets. Of course, there is also normal food and toys that might not catch your attention. It often happens to end up buying things just for the sake of it… Good or bad that it may be, that gift corner is a wicked one!

Out-season, you might get a chance to find cheap objects on sale. Have a look!

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