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Ryokan Ryokan


This article will discuss the so called “Wa-fu”(Japanese style) lodging famous to Japan.

There are mainly in the hot spring areas and “shukuba-machi”(lodging-towns) from the old days. The “shukuba-machi” is a town developed along an old route, usually a traffic route developed around the Edo period. Of course, there are tea shops and shops surrounding these lodges as well. Based on these old routes, the current national roads and prefectural roads were created. “Shukuba-machi,” where old streets are still preserved (or have been reproduced), is a popular tourist destination. If you look at the “Ryokan” (Japanese-style lodging), it often blends in with the scenery of such a town. Your experience travelling begins to differ as well. Also, these towns are usually in the depths of mountains, quite far from the center of villages. Isn’t it a charming to stay at a place like “Hidden lodge: surrounded by green forestry?”

It is also recommended for those who enjoy the Japanese-style atmosphere. Especially with long-established ryoukans, the building itself becomes a great tourist attraction. There are also places that have been the sets of movies and novels. However, ones that appeared in famous movies will definitely be very popular. And crowded.

Reservations will most definitely be required.

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