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Train Train


Japan is a country where trains are highly developed. Not only are they known for their safety, but their accuracy with time is also something many people overseas are pleasantly surprised by.

To the Japanese, “if there is a time table, we expect the train to arrive on time” is a popular sentiment. When a delay of a couple of minutes occurs, it is common frustration will disperse through the waiting crowd. Well, it just shows how trusting Japanese people are of trains.

Here, we introduce trains, one of Japan’s major transportation systems.


  • Conventional line

    Perhaps you are considering using a train as the main mode of transportation during your stay in Japan. There are many comprehensible apps that help when routing transfers, so when traveling in a majority city, we recommend those. It’s also often detailed and includes all station names. Of course, a…

  • Shinkansen

    Shinkansens cover most major cities in the country and also arrives in the middle of big cities. There are also good means of transportation from these arrival stations. It is easy to purchase a ticket and can be bought on the day. If you’re looking for a means of transportation that is most flexibl…

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