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In every region and every country, there are manners, customs and a culture that differs. There are always those cultural aspects that you are accustomed to and that you take for granted, and then there are the ones that you feel less drawn to. That is natural.

Sometimes when you are facing culture, you might find yourself thinking: “Oh, that’s interesting!” or “Wow, this is cool”, other times the opposite: “So what?”. That’s normal since history, religion, values, etc. differ not only from country to country but also from person to person. Taking into account both good and bad aspects of it and appreciate their
existence, besides being interesting, is extremely important for cultural exchange.
In this category, we are going to introduce the culture, customs and manners that are considered the norm in Japan.

However, there is a thin layer that distinguishes what we divide into “culture”, “customs” and “manners”. Habits and manners are a part of the culture; likewise, manners are a part of one country’s customs… For some reason or another, customs are a part of one’s daily life, or I feel like this should enter the “manners” category…

We divide this culture categories into “Bunka”, “Customs” and “Manners”, and placed every articles in a different category on this website. Well, You may understand this “Bunka” as the category for “Japanese style culture” or “Wa-culture”.
So sorry for our poor explanation…


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