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No surprise, “Tokyo” is the biggest city in Japan. In fact, it is one of the largest capitals in the world, and there are quite a few aspects that we would like to introduce about it. We hope our suggestions will be of some help and might fascinate some of you. Making available handy and noteworthy information is part of the pursuit of Epic Japan.

“Tokyo” doesn’t have a long history. Despite having been the largest plain city in Japan ever since, it formerly served as a wasteland, with marshland and tidal flats. Its development gradually began in the middle of the 16th century. Just after the 17th century, when “Tokugawa Ieyasu” opened up the Edo Shogunate (the feudal military government of Japan), it started shaping and evolving into a proper city. The Edo Shogunate endured for over 250 years, and it became the very centre of culture and production as well as a city the size of which surpassed “Kyoto”, “Osaka”, “Nagoya” etc. This rapid development was possible thanks to the almost lack of battles in a long span of time, something without precedents in the rest of the country. Originally referred to as “Edo”, the city became known as “Tokyo” after the “Meiji Restoration”. Since the “Meiji Restoration”, “Tokyo” has been swiftly modernizing, and it became one of the most substantial inflows of foreign cultures. After having been shattered during the Second World War, “Tokyo” was completely rebuilt 75 years ago. For some, “Tokyo” is seen as a densely populated metropolis, for others and even in some movie, it is portrayed as the city of the future, with a unique charm amongst other large cities in the world.

In “Tokyo”, modern buildings, skyscrapers, roads and tracks are stretched out to form a net. Most of the areas within “Tokyo” are built on reclaimed land. The one facing the sea is a densely industrial area, with large boats coming in and out at any time, to support the domestic industry. Once you step into the urban area, you are suffused by a sense of mixture of old and modern culture, Japanese and other cultures alike… This environment makes it easier for people from various cultures to feel welcome.

Transportation-wise, you turn around, and you will see that something is moving all the time in “Tokyo”. In order not to have any trouble, you should take transportation time into account when planning out your days. Now about the culinary aspect of “Tokyo”: you would probably find food from any corner of the world. Japan and “Tokyo” are also known for having high safety standards when it comes to food products, so you should be good. In terms of accommodation, there are so many options for you to spend the night in a safe space. We would say that “Tokyo” is one of those cities where you can still enjoy yourself even if you go without having made any plans.

Below, we will be introducing the main touristic areas in “Tokyo”. We will also make sure to recommend areas that are good sightseeing spots also other than “Tokyo” in the “Travel guidebook” section. Please check it out!

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