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Fukuoka Fukuoka


The city of “Fukuoka”, located in northern Kyushu, is perhaps the oldest amongst the big cities of the regions introduced here. The longstanding history of the area appears in one of the Japanese most old anthologies “Nihonshoki”, where it is transformed into a stage for Japanese mythos. Due to its proximity to the Chinese mainland and the Korean Peninsula, “Fukuoka” has long been able to interact with different cultures from abroad. Exchanges were not always peaceful: “Fukuoka” experienced intense battles and conflicts, but eventually, it blossomed as a critical point of trade with foreign countries, especially Western nations. Even before trading with “Nagasaki”, “Fukuoka” was exchanging goods keenly with mainland China and the Korean Peninsula. Around the end of the 11th century, an area populated by people from abroad formed. It was called “Daitou-gai” at the time, but its name changed into foreigner’s area, and it welcomed many visiting merchants. For that reason, primarily until modern times, “Fukuoka” developed as a “commercial town” alongside “Osaka”. Moreover, it was also a base for promoting the modernization of neighbouring towns. It has now become the largest city in Kyushu.

Nowadays “Fukuoka” is not as exotic as the “Daitou-gai” area where merchant used to pass by, but it still preserves its temples, shrines and some old buildings, as well as traditional crafts and high food culture. The transportation system is also extremely developed in the area, with “Fukuoka airport” and “Hakata Station” that make access easy for tourists visiting northern Kyushu. Trains and busses are also operational in the city.

Below, we will be introducing the main touristic areas in “Fukuoka”. We will also make sure to recommend areas that are good sightseeing spots also other than “Fukuoka” in the “Travel guidebook” section. Please check it out!

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