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Manners Manners


All in all, Japan is considered to be a very safe country. We are very happy about this evaluation.

The safety of Japan is down to many factors and we dare say that one of them is the existence of well-respected manners. Regardless of whether “standing-out” is good or bad, there is a tendency to avoid being under the public gaze. A lot of people think that standing out would indulge others to speak ill of them. It’s not the best of the expressions but…

However, Japanese people seem to attach a lot of importance to the issue of equilibrium and tranquillity. This way of thinking is not just a Japanese one, is it? The truth is that a lot of Japanese people tend to be careful about how they stand in front of the society. We guess that is because a lot of people like the idea of “peaceful and uneventful”. To many, the attitude to stand out symbolizes a rupture of the social order and equilibrium. But it’s true that a lot of Japanese people think that their fellow citizens have a low awareness of “manners”.

Recently, manners’ awareness has been declining and there are a lot of people who think it should be increased. Japan, compared to other regions and other countries, is regarded as a place where manners still dominate part of daily life. Nonetheless, for a lot of Japanese people, manners should play even a more important role in society.

So, here, we would like to introduce some Japanese manners you should be aware of during your stay.


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