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As we have introduced in other sections, transport overland is well developed, given the availability of buses and trains. Of course, that’s because we need public transport in our daily life, to commute to work and to school. Therefore, compared to other means of transportation, we are not as familiar with planes as we are with other means of transportation. Even to move within the country, flying is not a popular option, considering both distance and expenses.

Said that, Japanese flights, safe and on time, cannot be outdone by the other means of transportation. If you happen to catch a flight in Japan, you will definitely have a good, comfortable experience.

So let us introduce a little bit the flights system in Japan.


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    We guess that everyone reading this reached Japan via airplane. After completing the necessary forms, you move to your next destination right? To date, in Japan there are 89 airports all in all (including 28 hub airports, 54 regional airports and 7 more). Japan is home to a lot of outlying islands a…

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