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Other means of transport Other means of transport

Other means of transport

Let’s introduce means of transport other than the bus, trains and flights in this section.

It depends on every case, but some options below might sometimes help you save time and money. Knowing about the following, will also make you more willing to set off for your journey.

Other means of transport

  • E-Scooters

    In overseas, it is generally called “E-Scooter”, is it right? It was called “Stand-up Scooter” or “Standing Scooter” before? In recent years, “E-Scooters” have been also gaining interest in Japan. It seems that demand for the new means of transportatio…

  • An extra means- The horse

    All around the world, horses were used to transport people and packages. Japan is no exception. Roads in every corner of Japan are now paved and it is very rare to see a horse on a public street. Up to recent times, horse-drawn carriages were not very used. Opinions vary, but one main reason is that…

  • Rental bicycle

    There are not too many places offering this service, but recently rental bicycle places have increased due do an increase in demand. On small islands and resorts rental bicycle is no news, but with the increase in tourists, they started flourishing also in the cities. Some regions are employing a sy…

  • Youth ticket 18

    This type of ticket is a pass valid for a limited amount of time. During an established amount of days, you can use all JR lines of the normal train (slow and fast-speed train) and the West Japan Railway Miyajima Ferry. There is a pass for every season and the time of sale is decided on a yearly bas…

  • Ship / boat

    Trade is thriving and Japan relies on many foreign countries, especially when it comes to the mining industry and groceries. The need of trade explains the amount of ports in Japan. We mentioned in other sections that the transportation network of roads, railways, land route and extremely developed …

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