There are not too many places offering this service, but recently rental bicycle places have increased due do an increase in demand. On small islands and resorts rental bicycle is no news, but with the increase in tourists, they started flourishing also in the cities. Some regions are employing a system of rental cycle as an experiment.

If the weather is good, it might be worth it to ride, just at the right speed… right?
Don’t forget to respect the traffic rules even when you are riding your bicycle. In Japan, you have to ride on the left-hand side of the road. You can ride only on the left-hand side of the street, on the road. As a general rule, it is against the rules to ride on the pathway. Roads in Japan can be narrow. Nonetheless, there are a lot of cars, bicycles and pedestrians that occupy them.

Once you get on your bike, you start feeling at ease and experience a feeling of readiness, don’t you? We guess that’s a feeling that every human being that rides a bicycle can share.