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Privacy Policy


Epic Japan Website (“Website”)is operated by Viasto Inc. (“Company”). Please read this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) below before using the service provided by this website service (“Service”) and use only the Service if the user agrees to the Policy. The original language of the Policy is Japanese. If there is a discrepancy in the interpretation of the original Japanese text and the English language translation, the original Japanese text shall take priority. Please kindly note that the Policy may be changed without prior notice.

Protection Policy about Personal Information

When the Company handles the user’s personal information of the Website (“Personal Information”), shall sufficiently recognize the importance of and our social responsibility for appropriately protecting such Personal Information. And the Company shall comply with the laws such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the other relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines in any other jurisdictions.

Scope of the Policy

The Policy applies to all users using the Service provided by the Company.

Revision of the Policy

The Company may revise (add, revise or delete) any articles related to the Policy without obtaining users’ agreement. In this case, the Policy shall conform to the latest version of the Policy after revision. Further, unless otherwise provided by the Company, the latest Policy will come into effect at the time of posting on the Website. If the user uses the Service after the revision, it will be deemed that the user has agreed to the Policy after revision.

Purpose of Using of Personal Information

The Company may utilize Personal Information obtained from the users of the Service for the following purposes.

・To respond to suggestions, inquiries, or requests from the users of the Service.
・To distribute and provide the most suitable contents or services to the users of the Service.
・To obtain material for the analysis for improvement and enhancement of the Services.
・To compile statistical data in a form that cannot identify each user of as an individual.
・To provide the most suitable information for the users of the Service.
・To carry out any operations commissioned by other third parties, such as implementation of questionnaire surveys and other.
・To make an achievement for other purposes as individually stated when acquiring any of Personal Information.

Disclosure / Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company shall not provide Personal Information to third parties without obtaining the prior approval of each user individual. In addition to that, Personal Information including any sensitive information shall not be disclosed or provided to third parties under any circumstances, unless allowed by laws or regulations or by the approval of the user. Please take note that provision of Personal Information to data sharing or business entrusted other third parties may be not deemed to constitute disclosure or provision to third parties.
The Company shall provide Personal Information to third parties only in the following cases.

・The prior approval of the user has been obtained.
・Required disclosure or provision may be within the scope allowed by laws, regulations, and guidelines in any other jurisdictions.
・It is required disclosure or provision to protect human life, health, or any property in cases, and obtaining the approval of the user may be difficult.
・It is required disclosure or provision to cooperate with the public affairs of national or local governments, and obtaining the approval of the user may interfere with the administration of public affairs.
・Disclosure or provision of any information that cannot identify each user as an individual) as statistical data.

Entrustment of Business Operations to Other Third Parties

The Company may entrust a part or all of business operations to other third parties, and disclosure or provision Personal Information may be required to achieve the purposes of the entrustment. In such cases, the Company shall conclude agreements including appropriate agreements related to entrustment or utilization of Personal Information and shall implement proper managing or supervising the other third parties.


This Website uses cookies for the improvement of user’s convenience when the users revisit the Website. A cookie is information sent by the Website to the user’s browser that is stored on the smartphone, tablet, or computer. But the recorded information does not include the user’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or any and all other information that can be used to identify each user as an individual. In addition to that, this information will have no harmful effect on the smartphone, tablet, or computer.
The users can disable the use of cookies by selecting the browser settings. In that case, users are requested to take note that certain Service may be limited.Your kind understanding would be appreciated.

Google Tagmanager / Google Analytics™

This Website may use Google Analytics™ provided by Google.
Google Analytics™ is an access analysis tool to measure the utilization situation of the Website and make modifications, etc. In addition, the Website uses a function of Google Analytics™ called “Report related to user demographics and interest category”. This will be the Website operator to acknowledge the demographic data (age, sex, interest and preference) of the users based on Google’s interest data base advertisement or the user’s data (age, sex, interest and preference, etc.) of the other third parties. However, the data does not include information that identify each user, not even by combining the information data that this Website has acquired.
The users can refuse the acquirement of the action history information or the use of the report of user demographics and interest category by Google Analytics™. If the users wish to refuse that, the users may opt out from the below the page provided by Google.

Request about Handling of Personal Information or Other Information

When requesting by the user for the disclosure, correction, deletion, or etc. of the user’s Personal Information, the Company shall appropriately receive the request of the user within a reasonable timeframe or scope. In such cases, it may be necessary to confirm the identification of the user for prevention fraudulent acquisition of Personal Information through the impersonation of a third party or other, Please kindly cooperate in the confirmation. Also, if compliance with such requests would seriously interfere business operations of the Company, or violate laws, regulations, and guidelines in any other jurisdictions, the Company shall not be able to fulfil the user’s requests.

Suggestions and Inquiries

Please contact the following contact point for suggestions or inquiries regarding the user’s information and other.

Viasto Inc.
Personal Information Manager of Epic Japan
2-10-3, Nihonbashi Chuo-Ku,
Tokyo 103-0027, Japan