These days, you can almost certainly find “instant foods” on display in supermarkets, convenience stores, and other places where food is sold. What a ridiculous number of varieties… Probably, you will not be going to complete a mission to eat all kinds.

Speaking of “instant food”… The first one you can image would be instant noodles? It’s just that one that you just fill up with hot water and wait for a few minutes. If you only look into that instant noodle, there are a frightening number of different types. Though it used to be mostly the dry type. Nowadays, it is not unusual for soup stock to be in liquid form rather than powder form. Also, the ingredients and noodles are constantly evolving, such as raw or freeze-dried types. Pre-packaged food is one of the common “instant food”, isn’t it? There are also so wide variety of products available. Curry, it’s just the original pre-packaged food, many kinds of rice bowls, stews, soups, pasta sauces, stews… if we consider frozen foods that can be prepared simply by heating them up in the microwave as “instant food”, then all sorts of dishes have been made instant now. Some examples of foods that have not been provided as instant foods are salads, sashimi, sushi, and other dishes, all of them are dishes that they don’t have to be heated, you know? And all of these instant foods are made to taste really good! You sure to feel the passion of the developers of these products.

Recently, there has been an increase in products that focus on “low calorie” and “balanced nutrition”. There’s a lot of consumer demand. It’s amazing that they can continue to provide products that meet the needs of consumers, isn’t it? We’re afraid that in the near future, no one will be cooking for themselves, or no people will eat at kind of restaurants… No no, that’s a groundless fear. However, it’s true that there are now so many really well-made products that we can’t help but want to tell joke like that! It’s interesting to note that some of them are served for a limited time only or for a limited period of time, in addition to those sold on the market. Let’s have fun!!