When you are in Japan, we’d like you to master the use of chopsticks. You know that chopsticks themselves are not unique to Japan. They have been used widely in neighboring countries for a long time. So, in this section, we’re going to introduce the chopsticks as a recommended item from all countries that use them on a daily basis.

So-called “Wa food” such as “Shoujin cuisine” or “Kaiseki cuisine”, every dishes are all made to be eaten with chopsticks. Each of them is made in such a way that you can easily eat it with only “Chopsticks”. We should say that this is a manifestation of the “thoughtfulness” and “hospitality” of the people who prepare the food. Once you actually master the use of “Chopsticks”, you will realize how versatile they are! You can “pinch”, “cut”, and “scoop” properly. (In the use of chopsticks, “Stabbing” is basically bad manners) The only thing you can’t do with them would be to “scoop up the liquid”. As a matter of fact, there are various kinds of special workmanship and processing for each purpose, such as “pinch”, “cut” and “scoop”. As you can see if you watch closely, they are quite detailed. The thickness and weight of the whole piece, the way it is cut, the processing of the stick tips and handles, etc. There is a lot of variation.

It is rare to find people who can use “chopsticks” correctly, even among Japanese. However, we’re not going to complain about that. In fact, we want to tell you that you don’t have to be able to handle them. You can use them functionally. So, please learn how to use “chopsticks” by all means. We’re sure you will want to have your own good chopsticks.

Chopstick Rest

Using chopsticks, you should definitely use a chopstick rest. How to use that is… You’re sure to find with no explain. It is a kind of the stand used to prevent the tips of the chopsticks from coming in direct contact with the serving table or table when you put down the chopsticks. It’s just like a little ornament. So it might make a great souvenir. Oh, please note that there are so many different kinds. It’s inevitable that you’ll get lost…