Furoshiki is a square cloth. It is used for wrapping things in different ways, there are so many variations and possibilities of how you can use furoshiki cloth. According to the thing you want to carry around, different wrapping methods are being created to fulfill every purpose. It goes without saying, furoshiki has a charming appearance.

Typical ways of wrapping objects with furoshiki cloth follow.

Wrap a package
When you need to wrap something rectangular, wrapping around a furoshiki is one of the most commonly used methods.

This is a method used for wrapping where, after having wrapped around your object, you end by tying the remaining ends of the cloth in such a way that it looks like a flower. Flower-wrapping is a method used to wrap different shapes including parallelepipeds and cylinders.

Create your own shopping bag!
You can also decide to wrap the furoshiki itself into the shape of a bag and use it as your shopping bag or to carry things. You can fix the length of the handles as to make it suitable for the things you want to be wrapped in it!

If you have a bottle, you proceed with the flower-wrap we mentioned above but how about if you have two bottles? You can even wrap them together! Besides how they will look, they will be easy and safe to carry around!

It is good for wrapping books and other documents with a flat shape and it will look quite fashionable!

Then, depending on what you want to wrap, you might find yourself preparing different cloth-patters. Besides the ones mentioned above, there are many more ways to wrap!

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