“Hair Salon”, “Nail Salon”, etc. Does Are various “Massage Salon” included? Well, “Beauty Salon” provides services related to beauty. In Japan, such of salons are called “Aesthetic salons”.

Well, we’ve heard that “Beauty Salon” in Japan have a pretty good reputation overseas. Without saying that their skills and reliability are very well, in addition, their “customer service manners” are also quite popular. It’s true that Japanese “customer service manners” is very polite, not only in “Beauty Salons”. Often times, the customer’s side cringes! It’s true. That’s one of the valuable experiences you can only get from visiting Japan. In Japan, in order to qualify as an esthetician, they have to take a compulsory course on “customer service etiquette” in addition to the technical skills and knowledge required. That’s why they have gained the trust of the world.

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