Due to the sacred power of the gods, “shrines” are believed to be places where luck can be given and bad luck can be cleansed. We are called “Power Spots”… Do you from overseas have a belief in “power spots”?

In Japan, this kind of “power spot” belief is quite popular. In addition to “shrines”, there are many other places that are popular as “power spots”, such as places with rich nature, specific buildings, plants, and so on. But there have been a lot of complications lately… There is a growing trend of bad manners among people visiting those “power spots” in various places. This is especially true these days, when the use of social networking services is rapidly expanding… Trash, noise, damage / vandalism, etc… Shrines and other “power spots” are very often regarded as “sacred” places. Therefore, if we want to benefit from the “divine power” of the world, we must not forget to be in awe of it. We would like to ask you again to keep that in mind. We would recommend visiting these “power spots” as well. You can almost always find popular “power spots” around the area in guidebooks and etc. If it makes you feel good in some way, if it cleanses your body and soul, it’s not a bad experience, right? Of course, it is up to the individual to believe or not believe.

At least, the places that are considered “power spots” are sometimes surrounded by an atmosphere that is different from human society. There must be something that makes many people feel like that, and perhaps it might be part of the mystique of the Japanese gods, or it might be the gods themselves. Hmmm, it’s hard to explain in words… However, if you feel such an indescribable feeling, or feel something that was never there in your daily life, you can consider, “Oh, this is the Japanese God…?” We would be happy if you have such good feelings or experiences.