The original comic “mockin’ Moutze” is now playing on our website “Epic Japan”. So now, we are pleased to announce the release of its original LINE stamps~!!

The 1st set includes 40 stamps of one of the main characters, “mockin’ Moutze”. “Epic Japan” is a website that provides useful information for people overseas to deepen their interest in and understanding of Japan. So anyway, we have prepared a set of stamps in two versions: “in Bilingual” and “in English”. With these stamp sets, intercultural communication will surely be fine! Yes, Probably…w( ̄▽ ̄;)w

We would be more than happy if we could provide even a little “relaxation” to your LINE talk scenes. Please use them a lot and have a nice everyday life!! We are also releasing the 2nd and 3rd sets, so please look forward to them~!!

Please search for “mockin’ Moutze” on the LINE STORE.

↓You can also access from here.
Bilingual Version Stamps URL:
English Stamps URL: