As we have told about several times in other sections, summer in Japan is very humid. In addition, urban areas, the ground is covered with asphalt and concrete, and the buildings are crowded with glass. Furthermore, the hot air emitted from the air conditioning systems of those buildings makes the temperature even higher. So, you should be prepared for hotter temperatures than those reported in the weather forecast. As a matter of fact, some of the people who come from hotter climates than Japan say that it is much hotter in Japan. Probably, because of the high humidity, the quality of heat is different from other hot countries or regions… That’s how hard the climate is in Japan around summer. Well, In this time, we would like to tell you about “Heatstroke”.

About “Heatstroke”

It is said that the proper body temperature for humans is roughly in the range of 35 to 36 (°C). The human body has to maintain this moderate body temperature. Therefore, the human body dissipates heat out of the body by sweating and raising the skin temperature by regulating blood flow. Heatstroke is a condition in which an excessive increase in human body temperature causes an imbalance in this thermoregulatory function, resulting in a buildup of heat in the body.

The main symptoms of “Heatstroke” include the following…
① Dizziness / Stillness / Flash on the face, etc.
② Headache / Fatigue / Nausea
③ Muscle pain / Muscle spasms
④ Rising body temperature
⑤ Poor sweating (Can’t stop sweating or not at all)
⑥ Confusion (Inability to respond normally, etc.)
⑦ Dehydration Symptoms
※ If your feeling any of the symptoms ①~③, you should pay attention.

In the last few years, there have been a lot of warnings about “Heatstroke” in Japan. The number of cases of “Heatstroke” has increased tremendously. The number of emergency transports has also increased dramatically. Very often, by the time you notice a change in your health condition, you are seriously ill. During the summer season, it can be hot and dull on a daily basis, so people are slow to notice their own physical condition deteriorate. This symptom of “Heatstroke” can happen to your body not only in hot sunny places where you are exposed to direct sunlight, but also in air-conditioned rooms. That is also very terrible. It will mean that “prevention” is the most important, right? So, what measures should we take?

① To build basic strength
You should get proper exercise, eat right, and get proper rest (sleep) on a regular basis. It’s important to boost your “body’s immunity”. In a way, this is the most difficult part…

② Always be conscious of “heat”
Avoid prolonged periods of time under the scorching sun with glare and direct sunlight. On the other hand, places that are too cool are also a bad idea for you. Even if it’s hot, a room with a lot of air conditioning seems to upset the balance of the body’s thermoregulatory function.

③ Don’t forget to water / salt
Be sure to hydrate frequently. Of course, at the same time, it is also important to moderate salt supplementation. However, none of these should be taken in excess.

Isn’t it all pretty obvious? You might think so. However, it may be that health care in daily life is still very important. It seems that “overdoing it” or “being overconfident in oneself” is a rather serious factor. Even people who are quite confident in their physical strength often suffer from “Heatstroke” unexpectedly. In other cases, you might be too excited to aware. In recent years, there are various products on the market in Japan designed to prevent “heat stroke”. Oral intake drinks and cooling goods, thermo-hygrometer, heat protection clothing. And even mineral supplements like candy… Generally, you’ll see more of these products around the beginning of the rainy season. Well, you might be a little surprised at the sight. However, that is because the number of cases of the disease has increased alarmingly in the past few years. If you are not careful, your life is at stake, so please be careful.