Beer is mainly sake made by fermenting malt of barley with brewer’s yeast. There are various beers around the world. Japan’s beer seems to be quite popular among tourists. Compared to other beers, it doesn’t have a confusing taste and is delicate. It is not unique to Japan, but its consumption in Japan is also great compared to consumption of other liquors. When you drink alcohol, a lot of people say “let’s start with a beer”. It almost feels like your duty to drink Japanese beer, maybe.
Japan’s “beer”. Please try it at least once.

Anyway… There are many different types of beers in Japan, even low-malt beer is being recently developed. This is a beer-flavored alcoholic beverage. In Japan, the liquor tax rate for beer is based on the malt ratio, but products with a lower malt ratio are mainly sold. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the market of low-malt beer had expanded to outstripping the sales of beer.

But the law on liquor tax has been amended… Furthermore, a “third beer” was developed as a product of a new genre. It is also a beer-flavored alcoholic beverage, but this “third beer” uses a raw material other than malt. Moreover, it uses low-malt beer mixed with another alcoholic beverage.
Incidentally, the law on liquor tax was further amended after this…

We cannot help but feel the greatness of the product development ability of the manufacturer. We hope you understand why we wanted to introduce this. Please try it by all means!!!