The word “B-class gourmet” itself appeared in the 1980s in Japan food culture. Generally, it has been established only within this last decade or so.

The original meaning of the word is dishes from a “popular, inexpensive yet delicious” menu. In other words, it fulfills the “popular, inexpensive yet delicious” category. It’s also a title for a food that became “popular” naturally.

The condition of “popular, inexpensive yet delicious” of this “B class gourmet” was very compatible with “area revitalization” that appeals to local producers. It is also connected with local gourmet. All of a sudden, it’s become strange for new food to be classified into this “B class gourmet” category…

Anyway, thanks to that, there are now many “B-class gourmets” all over the country. Depending on the area, it may also play a role in the revival of “local cuisine.” If you visit a specific area, it may be cool to try it out.