Hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches…
There are probably many chain stores in Japan that you all already know. However, these places also have a “Japanese menu.” In fact, when Japanese people go abroad, they are often surprised the menu differs depending on the country. The seasoning and the amount of food served probably differs, right?

There are also many chain coffee shops. Each shop is tries to differentiate itself, which can be quite interesting. For instance, they have a wide range of coffee bean variety, or perhaps the way they sell their drinks are different. They also serve many different types of sweets and sandwiches, which can be what the coffee shop is known for.

“Fast food” shops are often chain-operated shops, and the menu is multilingual. This method is probably the safest.

In addition to these, there are chain stores that offer rice bowls, udon, soba, ramen and so on. These restaurants are quite popular with people overseas. By the way, these shops are usually use the system of buying a meal ticket beforehand, which you then exchange for your dish. If it is your first time, you may be a little surprised. Please feel free to ask a clerk when you do not understand.