This is for people who want to enjoy the food with alcohol (alcohol variety > cooking). Depending on the store, there are more types of alcohol than there are number of dishes. In some places, alcohol and dishes have nothing to do with “Wa” or “Yo,” others still choose one and present it as such. Of course, not drinking alcohol is fine as well. “izakayas” have a different atmosphere from that of other restaurants, which makes it fun to go try. They also serve a lot of dishes that you cannot find anywhere else.

By the way… In Japan, we refer to the food that you eat with alcohol is called “otsumami (snacks),” “ate,” or “sakana”. In any case, food served at izakayas were meant to be something light to pick at rather than dishes of food.

If you actually go into a pub, you will probably be surprised by the number of menus. There are so many dishes with a number of culinary names written throughout the store… One is at an awe of which dish to order. If you are in trouble, please ask the workers what their recommended dishes are.