It is no exaggeration to say that “curry and rice” is one of Japan’s national foods. There may be no other dish that was originally a Western dish that has evolved to such a degree that it is now considered an original Japanese dish, as it has been developed in various ways to specifically suit Japanese tastes as this “curry and rice”. In fact, Japanese “curry and rice” is completely different from curry in any other country that has a “curry” food culture. The closest ones to “curry and rice” in Japan seem to be the European style ones introduced in the Meiji / Taisho period. The Japanese food culture and this European style “curry and rice” were very compatible. Main ingredients that are relatively easy to get used to. An amazing balance of flavors, with sweet, spicy, and salty all in one. The smell of spices was brand new and had never been seen before. And it goes well with rice. It is a characteristic of Japanese people that if they like the one, they will go through research and development to the limit. It was a natural act to pursue the taste and aroma to the fullest. Devising cooking methods to make them easily reproducible as home cooking. Furthermore, there had been a lot of research on the use of this dish as an instant dish or preserved dish. As a result of that, there are an amazing number of retort products as well as curry roux for home cooking. And they all taste really good without exception!

It is such a classic and popular dish. So there are many specialty stores and famous restaurants today. Since “curry and rice” is a dish that people have very specific preferences for, it is not so surprising that. Please try them out. You are sure to find your favorite.