“Soba”, “udon”, “hiyamugi”, and “somen” are the most popular noodle dishes in Japan among you from overseas, aren’t they? “Ramen”, which is said to have been spread from China, has also become one of the representative dishes of Japanese food culture. Well, if we trace the origin of most of the noodle dishes in Japan, we will find that they all came from the continent. And after that, all of these noodle dishes have become highly original due to the creativity and ingenuity of our predecessors. One of such standard noodle dishes in Japan is this, “yaki-soba”. It is a dish of stir-fried Chinese noodles with vegetables, meat, seafood, etc. The main feature of this dish is that it is not soaked in a soup or dipped in a dipping sauce like other noodle dishes. Probably the most major and uniquely Japanese flavor is the Worcestershire sauce flavored one. The Japanese Worcestershire sauces currently on the market are pretty much the Worcestershire sauces known in the West, arranged to suit Japanese tastes. It is a sauce that is also familiar in “okonomiyaki” and “takoyaki”. Japanese people are quite fond of sweet and spicy flavors. For people overseas, it is a completely different taste, right? Well, we guess that Worcestershire sauce itself is one of the “Western tastes” created in Japan.

After that, in addition to the sauce-flavored “yakisoba,” various other flavors were created, such as those using Japanese broth, salt, and Chinese stock. Similar dishes include “yaki-udon”, “yaki-beehoon”, and “yaki-ramen”. It is a dish that has become very very common in households due to its simple cooking process. In addition, many so-called “Local Yaki-soba” have been created in various local places of Japan. Try a search. There really are countless…