In recent years, there have been many movies with many stars in them, right? It was also quite popular to have all the main characters of a heroic story come together and play a big role. It is great fantastic such the special atmosphere of the fan appreciation festival! “I” love that kinds of them. Well, in this article, we have introduced a number of star dishes that has become a staple in the “Western-style menu originated in Japan”. This “O-Kosama Lunch Set” is a combination of the most popular items on the “Western-style menu originated in Japan”. (※”O-Kosama Lunch” means “a special meal plate for children”) In other words, it’s like a plate set with all the popular menu items on it. It’s a very fantastic set menu.

As a matter of fact, this “O-Kosama Lunch Set” was invented in the early 1930s. It was the middle of the Great Depression, a time when the entire world was in darkness. In the midst of that situation, they developed this menu to make children, who are the future, feel happy and fun. …Beautiful story, right? In order to make children happy, many ideas had been devised in the following years. Adjusting food combinations and flavors. Trial and error to make the colors gorgeous and fun. Development of special plates for serving food. The service of adding toys as a freebie, etc. Of course, since the menu was for children, the prices were kept as low as possible. We love that the developers’ perspective is always on children.

When thinking about this menu again, it is a very dish that tests the skills of the cooks who prepare it. After all, this menu is made from the most popular dishes, so there is absolutely no way that they will not taste good. This is a menu that they cannot offer without confidence. There is even an opinion that a restaurant with good “O-Kosama Lunch Set” will be definitely an excellent restaurant. When hearing such things, we can’t help but try the menu… right? Unfortunately, some restaurants have age restrictions on what you can order. It’s just a dish for “children”, we guess. If you are lucky enough to have the chance, give it a try.