A space that is a little higher than the floor, but is not limited to tatami mats / boards, is called “ko-agari”. This is one of the partitioning methods in the “Japanese-style room” as well as shoji screens, fusuma, sill doors, partitions, etc. Some ko-agari are completely enclosed by walls and are independent, but what is interesting is that it is not always enclosed in the room. In the same room, it is defined as a separate space by making it a step higher than the floor.

Today, there are few traditional Japanese houses in Japan. There are few people who can set up a “Japanese-style room” as their lifestyles with mainly just desks, chairs and sofas. That said, single rooms are slightly difficult to live in, but it seems that some people make this “ko-agari” as a fashionable space in some Western-style rooms. Isn’t it popular with foreigners?

It is often said that you can use this stepped space to set up a hori-kotatsu. How about it, everyone?