In Japan, there are many many shops or restaurants where you can enjoy alcohol drink. Among them, “izakayas” (Japanese-style pubs) are very popular. There are the pubs that are personally managed, and even chain bars. There are so many options.

Well, here we’d like to introduce “o-toshi.” Often, it’s a little small bowl (or small plate) of cooking. You can get this “o-toshi” without even ordering it. Of course, you will also be charged for the food on your bill. You might think, why do I have to pay when I didn’t even order this?! Sometimes it causes a little trouble. Well, we’re sorry in advance.

It depends on the person, but some people can drink a lot of alcohol and some people can’t. Even if you are not strong, there are people who sit in a pub for a long time, right? This is because as a pub, there is also the abundance of conversation. When people get really into their conversations, the shops still need to make a certain amount of money. The meaning of this term “o-toshi” has the same meaning as “seats” or “places.” But recently, there are shops where you can turn off the option of “o-toshi” in advance. However, we hope that you know that “o-toshi” is the culture of Japanese pubs. That’s why all the good quality shops have delicious “o-toshi.” It seems that the quality of the shop can be determined by how delicious the “o-toshi” is as well. There can be dishes unique to that store.

We hope you understood this piece!